Domaine du Chasseur

Ecotourism. Domaine du Chasseur (The Hunter?s Domain) is a private nature reserve spread over an area of 1000 hectares at 300 metres above sea level located at Anse Jonchee in the South East of Mauritius. This altitude gives the visitor an exclusive view of the island: the green sugarcane fields with the rough earthen roads going through them, the open waters of the ocean, the rocky mountains in the surroundings. The park has a 30 km trail that can be visited on foot, by mountain bike or quad bike or even by a mini jeep safari.
Domaine du Chasseur is located in the midst of the Mauritian forest thus allowing the visitor to stroll in the forest, feel the spray of waterfalls and interact with the native flora and fauna of the island. Many tree species can be admired such as eucalyptus, palm trees, ebony as well as some spice plants. Amongst the animals, monkeys are found all over the premises hovering on tree branches, boars roam about too as do hares, geese and deer. All kinds of birds can be seen flying overhead or eating in the trees; one such bird is the Mauritian Kestrel, the last bird of prey found on the island which has been saved from extinction through conservation measures. One of most interesting points about the park is that it allows hunting, as the name implies, and has more than 20 years? experience in this business. The most common target is the deer but wild boar hunting is also feasible. In respect of sustainable harvest, hunting is done within a limit so as not to reduce the numbers of the herds to critical levels. About 400 deer must be removed per year to maintain the level of balance on the grounds; it is this surplus that goes to hunting.
All materials (guns, munitions) are provided by the property and guides attend to the users at all times. While the dead animals remain the properties of the park, the hunters do get to choose their trophies. Freight and taxidermy are also provided by the domain. Other activities include big game fishing, line fishing, archery and target shooting. On the highest point of the property is the Domaine du Chasseur restaurant. It provides a splendid view of the surroundings extending over to the lagoons of Mauritius. Typical dishes consisting of local game and seafood are available together with the Mauritian rum. The place also has 4 thatched bungalows where people can stay overnight making it ideal for those who are partying too much after an excellent day of hunting to rest!

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