Berenty Lodge

E"Ecotourism. Berenty offers a chance to get an insight into the local Antandroy culture of the region. Berenty lodge is set in the heart of the private nature reserve and allows the ideal possibility for exploring the reserve which boasts one of the best opportunities to observe lemurs up-close.
Berenty lodge has twelve environmentally orientated bungalows. Each of the bungalows has an en suite bathroom with a toilet and shower and is air conditioned, which is a relief as the lodge can get very humid due to its location in the nature reserve. The main facilities at the lodge include a bar and restaurant which serves traditional Malagasy style food incorporating seafood and the catch of the day.
The main activities from the lodge are focused around Berenty private Reserve and all it has to offer. From walking in the dense forest, which is a fascinating experience allowing the opportunity of seeing, snakes, no poisonous species, parrots, eagles and other birds in lush vegetation that remains Virgin forest. There is also the option of visiting a local art museum and a sisal factory. Socio-economic progress and sustainability. Berenty Lodge, one of the hotels owned by the de Heaulmes family. Since the 1930s the family has been involved in preserving the rich biodiversity of Madagascar for visitors and locals to enjoy. Their efforts include the development of a private reserve in the forest of the Mandradre River, a botanical garden in Sayadi, and protection of a large forest of baobab trees close to Morondave. In 1986, the family was awarded the John Paul Getty Prize for Conservation. On a community level, training and hiring of locals is seen as a priority, including for management positions, so that the economic development of the area can be supported. The family hires very few westerners among the executives (70% of them come from Tana, 30% from Fort Dauphin). We believe it is the guest that ultimately benefits from our sustainable practices, as these actions create a better maintained destination for visitors to enjoy.

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