Biriwiri Farmers and Marketing

Biriwiri farmers Cooperative Society Limited (BIFAM) is an autonomous Association of farmers united voluntarily to meet there common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and controlled enterprise. BIFAM is legally registered as a limited company, Registration No753. Current membership stands at 88. The project goal is to enhance productivity, add value and provide a market for potatoes that provide livelihood for the targeted farming population. BIFAM has its Head Offices at Ntcheu along M! road next to Old Catholic Church. The Company is engaged in processing and tradining of irish potatoes and manufacturing potato crisps. Commercial production started on 19th March 2009. After acquiring production machinery through OVOP. Today this company extends its market reach around Ntcheu, Balaka, Liwonde, Zomba, Blantyre, Mwanza, Dedza and Lilongwe, supplying BBQ and Tomato flavored potato crisps directly to wholesale shops and consumers. Mission Statement To be aleading, efficient, manufacturer of quality and affordable potato crisps and competitive supplier of processed Irish potatoes in Malawi and the region. We will strive to economically and socially empower our individual members, households and communities. Vision To be one of the best processing companies in Malawi by being: Our Customer's first choice. Our employee's first choice Responsible to our members and a leader in our Community. Objectives of the Cooperative The aim of the cooperative shall be to improve the lives of its members economicaaly and socially by helping them get farm inputs and improve their farming by following sound business management procedures. To fullfil this objective, the cooperative shall: Get funds by selling shares and by receiving registration fees from its members. Encouraging Its members to grow Irish potatoes and other crops. Find markets for members to sell their produce even outside the country. Buy farm inputs such as fertilizers, seed pesticides and others and sell them to its members at a reasonable price. Ensure that members grow quality crops by providing them with the necessary training. Lend its members some farm inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and others that help them to increase production. Encourage its members to protect the environment such as soil by using modern farming methods and mitigating climate change. Present its members in government, government organizations, nongovernmental organizations and business institutions. Ensure that its members have a saving culture and also a habit of repaying loans on time. Empower its members in the farming through training possible technologies. Purchase vecle for transporting produce for its members to the markey as well as farm inputs, the cooperative shall purchase for its members. Manufacture items by using crops grown in the area such as Irish Potatoes and others. Take part in preventing the spreading of HIV and Aids.

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P.O Box 133, Ntcheu, MALAWI
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