Torrent Computer Rental - Bee Hive Centre

Torrent Computer Rentals offers a range of computers and accessories that can be rented very cost effectively, and the price includes free delivery and IT maintenance. This means that if there is ever a problem with your computer we will fix it within 24 hours so you don't have downtime, which can be costly to the running of your business. You also don't have the initial capital expenditure of buying new computers for your business when we can supply them at very low, affordable rates. We will deliver within 24 hours of your order and install the equipment. All of the computers come pre-installed with Windows XP and Microsoft Office, and of course we supply the accessories too. Training is also available for software applications, PC Engineering and Computer hardware and networking. Torrent Computer Rentals is a successful business established just over one year ago and operating under Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise. Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to empowering the people of Chilomoni through the creation of training and employment opportunities. Beehive's vision is to transform and revolutionise communities into dynamic hives of activity. Chilomoni is a township of Blantyre in Southern Malawi, where Beehive is creating self-sustainable, environmentally aware enterprises; encouraging entrepreneurship within the area. All profit from Torrent Computer Rentals goes back to Beehive to help support the enterprise.

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  • Social Enterprise
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BLANTYRE OFFICE PO Box 872 Blantyre LILONGWE OFFICE PO box 1024, Lilongwe Malawi
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Telephone: +265 1 980 032 / +265 212 951 494
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