Manda Nkwichi Lodge

About Responsible, Remote, Barefoot-luxury Eco lodge Company Overview Nkwichi is a barefoot luxury eco-lodge built on the shores of Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi). The lodge has been carefully designed to blend into the pristine natural environment. We aim to provide guests with a special stay in a very unique place. We are very careful with our local surroundings, as we know that such an unspoilt place is very precious. We make every effort to ensure that we cause as little impact as possible to the environment and wildlife. By introducing tourism to the area we are working towards providing many local people with an alternative income to the subsistence farming and fishing they currently rely on; whether it is through direct employment or through the production of food and supplies necessary to run the lodge. We believe that tourism is a good use of the land and natural resources as there are few other more efficient activities (such as commercial agriculture or mining) available. Tourism also helps local people understand the importance of conservation and the link between conservation, tourism and the income it generates. Mission In partnership with the Nyanja People of Northern Mozambique, The Manda Wilderness Project invites visitors to explore the beaches and crystal clear water of the lake alongside the timeless beauty of the Niassa Bush. Our vision is to balance community development with conservation through the creation of a sustainable wilderness reserve.

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Lake Niassa
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Entre-Lagos, Niassa
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