Addo Dung Beetle Guest Farm

It focuses on the conservation. Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative: "Miskruier" (Afrikaans for Dung Beetle) is the name of the property the guest accommodation sits upon and it was deliberately named this by Mr. HHJ Potgieter 12 years ago when he bought the property. His goal was to save the flightless dung beetle from going extinct and to offer guests an opportunity to learn how these amazing little creatures help the environment. While building five chalets with a lapa overlooking the Zuurberg Mountains, he decided to build a 50 X 50 m enclosure for the protection of these flightless dung beetles. 150 cubes of soft sand were offloaded into the enclosure to assist dung beetles' burying activities. The conservation project's purpose was to breed Circellium Bacchus dung beetles and reintroduce them back into protected nature parks and reserves as well as to create an awareness of conservation outside of National Parks. The conservation project began by introducing 11 dung beetles to the enclosure. The Beetle is 22 - 47 mm long, amongst the largest dung beetles in Africa, flightless (no wings), they favor elephant dung but make use of other dung if available. Because of its once widespread but now localized distribution, this specific dung beetle is understood to be endangered. Both male and female beetles roll food balls, but only the female construct brood balls. The males always follow the female and they are never far behind. This behavior has not been documented in any other ball rolling species. A guided visit to The Addo Dung Beetle Breeding Station on our premises will teach you more about this unique beetle and we will gladly share our efforts to conserve one of the "little African rarities" of our country. Our guest farm now extends into 263 hectares of succulent valley bushveld, one of the seven South African biomes. This land is also a game viewing area, where some of the dung beetles will be reintroduced. Species that occupied the land historically, like kudu, duiker, bush pigs, bush bucks etc, will also be introduced to this land.

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