Addo Elephant Back Packers

Addo Elephant Safaris and Lodges has an unwavering commitment to preserve the natural environment, and as early as concept-planning they were determined that every effort would be made not to harm the finely-balanced ecosystem that exists. Consequently, they constructed the pylon supports and the vast viewing decks of our luxurious lodges from recycled timber sourced from boxwood used by Daimler-Chrysler in which to transport their motor parts. Their continued commitment to their environmentally friendly policy led them to make use of an Eco-Reed Bed Waste Water System to treat all waste-water. This waste-water trickles slowly through the immense root system employed in the purification process and the resulting liquid is broken down with such efficiency that it can be effectively reused. In a further effort to safeguard the environment the lodges are fitted with energy-efficient, wood burning fireplaces, solar-powered geysers and energy-saving light bulbs.

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South Africa
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Port Elizabeth
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Port Elizabeth GPS Coordinates S33
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Telephone RSA 086 123 3672 Telephone International +27 (0) 42 235 1400Reservations Fax 086 619 5742
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