Agrobiotec is a private company established in 1998 with the mission to contribute to Burundian agriculture rehabilitation and poverty alleviation through agro-input promotion, to improve food production and security, and sustain farmers' revenues and livelihoods (Rishirumuhirwa, 2004). A particular emphasis was given to agro-biotechnologies that increase clean planting material production. The main objective of the company is to improve the quality and increase the quantity of clean planting material of important food crops such as banana (Musa spp.), Irish potato (Solanum solanacearum), cassava (Manihot esculenta), sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and trees. Agrobiotec is also interested in other agro-inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and tools for smallholder farmers. Agrobiotec is equally engaged in studies and project implementation by providing expertise in tropical agriculture. Agrobiotec was established as the first private tissue culture (TC) laboratory in Burundi in August 1999, propagating mainly in vitro banana plantlets. Some 50 highyielding cultivars, adapted to the local agro-ecologies, and disease-tolerant or -resistant, have been introduced from the INIBAP Transit Centre (ITC) (Leuven, Belgium), micro-propagated and disseminated. Other crops and trees will be introduced in the frame of Agrobiotec's diversification program to meet Burundian agriculture and forestry sectors' demand. These comprise pineapple (Ananas comosus) ('Queen Victoria'), cassava and sweet potato.

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