APROCOBU (Association for the Promotion of Cooperative Stores for Production, Selling and Supplying in Burundi)

The postwar period in Burundi is marked by the policy of repatriation of refugees, reconciliation, integration and demobilization. It is also characterized by dispersed habitat, social context dominated by visible tension and/or latent taking origin from the relationship between quick overpopulation, overexploited lands that are more and more dwindled everyday and the attachment of Burundians to their motherland etc. It is also to emphasize the lack of water and electricity in rural areas, dirtiness, and vector of various diseases that are menacing our country, the puzzle of equal access to education both to boys and girls, puzzle of access to health care and the security management of the village. It is that situation that impelled us to think about the near and faraway socio- economic future of our country. Among several possible solutions, we made our choice integrated village considered as a new paradigm of development that can bring solutions to problems assailing us. Depending upon the means already obtained, we have built a kindergarten school, a primary school endowed with a teachers

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APROCOBU (Association for the Promotion of Cooperative storesfor Production, Selling and Supplying in Burundi)Avenue de France No 6 Bujumbura ;B.P. 6916 Bujumbura ;BURUNDI
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