African Community Intiative Services (ACIS)

African Community Initiative Services (ACIS) was founded in 2002 to develop the capacity for sustainable management of community-based organizations. Their mission is to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable projects "to lift the socio-economic well-being amongst local communities" and to create "employment through community-based local organizations" within African countries. The organization also aims to initiate awareness programs to advocate for the change of gender-biased policies. The organization is run by a board of six trustees. Activities include the creation of a credit scheme for out-of-school youth and women to enable their engagement in micro-enterprise and income generation. In addition, ACIS supports community initiatives in education, health, training, and poverty reduction. The organization is currently working on the creation and provision of culturally appropriate HIV/AIDS care and support services within the community, as well as organizing seed bulking activities for farmers to increase food production.

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PO Box 8096 Nairobi Kenya
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