African Development Initiatives Network (ADIN)

African Development Initiative Network (ADIN) is an organization which is Non-Governmental and with the mandate to see to the bringing up initiatives for creating positive economic changes in Africa and put Africa on the path to achieving economic and capital development. This is usually done by organizing well meaning programs that will ensure this mandate is realized. ADIN carries out this mandate by working hand in hand with relevant organizations which could be Governmental, Private and other civil society groups.
ADIN is an organization which is youth oriented with the view that the economic prosperity of countries in Africa can only be brought about by the youths and that the youths should be given a voice and be allowed to participate in the African developmental processes. This is why DfAY, that is Development for African Youths cannot be separated from ADIN and act as a platform on which the youths are launched. The inspiration that gave birth to this organization was the fact that the FIFA 2010 Senior World Cup which is the most popular sporting event after the Olympics will be hosted and take place on African soil for the first time in history. This therefore shows that Africa is becoming recognized and up to the task. Then Africa could use this opportunity to achieve greater heights which will translate to economic improvement and development in the comity of Nations around the world. This is also the reason Sports cannot be separated from this organization.
1. First of all, 100% of our workforce for this organization are youths.
2. We carry out researches on African countries' economies to see their need and formulate solutions to their economic problems.
3. We see to the empowering of youths to actively participate in our effort to see to the African development.
4. Work with NGOs, Government and private parastatals in a bid to collaboratively work towards economic improvement for Africa.
5. We invest in Economies and build local investors and entrepreneurs, providing funds, making funds accessible for Industrial revolution in Africa.
6. We create wealth for the populace most especially youth and bridge the unemployment gaps in the economy.
7. We invest in Infrastructural development of African economies.
8. Sponsor youths for International workshops, seminars and scholarship programmes for capacity building.
9. Partner foreign donors, investors and attract FDIs in major sectors of the African economy.

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