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African Quest Safaris recognizes that in conducting its business, it has a responsibility for the environment and the communities in which it operates. The very nature of our business means that we must ensure our activities have the least possible negative impact on the environment, now and in the long term.
The Management therefore believes that the most effective way of implementing the sustainable tourism policy is to integrate the policy's main points into all the company's relevant mainstream business activities. Accordingly, on a continuing basis, the company will endeavour to comply with the main points of this policy and with the associated codes of best practice. In essence, we have accomplished this through:
Being a Responsible Business
Identifying, quantifying and monitoring the major potential environmental impacts of our activities.
Developing and maintaining appropriate emergency response plans for major incidents in order to minimize our environmental impact.
Conducting our operations in a way which maximizes positive and minimizes negative impact on the environment and on local communities.
Considering environmental implications as part of any purchase decision or commercial decision-making.
Providing information, training and support to all our employees so that they are aware of their environmental and ethical responsibilities within the framework of their normal operating procedures.
Implementing energy and water management programmes in our offices, premises and assets.
Minimizing waste occurring and ensuring it is recycled or disposed of responsibly.
Supporting the work of ECPAT (End Sexual Exploitation, Child Prostitution and Trafficking and Child Pornography).
Being a Good Neighbour
Encouraging and recognizing initiatives which involve working with local communities and which demonstrate social responsibility. This is evident through the community project which we have with a group of 12 villages in the Ole Kinyeii area. It is a nursery school and we have so far finished phase 1 which comprises of 3 classes and a total of 78 children.
Informing our clients (the holidaymakers) about the Kenyan customs and cultures and also of other countries they are visiting and encouraging them to respect the local environment and host communities.
Reducing pollution both at home and in neighbouring countries by ensuring our company cars and other forms of ground transport use lead-free or alternative environmentally acceptable fuel.

Protecting Holiday Destinations
Understanding and seeking to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and also seeking to influence current and future legislation.
Considering environmental and social factors when planning and operating excursion programmes to help ensure minimal impact on the area visited.
Respecting and informing guests about natural habitats and wildlife.
Where appropriate, offering excursions which stimulate the local economy in a balanced, sustainable way and without placing undue demands on local resources.
Encouraging and recognizing initiatives which support conservation and education programmes benefiting the environment and local communities, particularly in the holiday destinations to which we operate.
Informing guests of ways to save energy and fresh water and reduce/dispose of waste responsibly.
Communicating the company's environmental policy to all our business partners and working with them to encourage the implementation of best practice.

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