Ufanisi Afrika

The Ufanisi Afrika Foundation recognizes the fact that an economically stable,empowered and educated youth strengthens the development of society. Given their numbers in the population ratios, it is important to note that if they are empowered to sustain themselves and their dependents , they would influence the development of society by acting as a potential market to the rest of society. More so, their empowerment would have a drop down effect on the rest of the population, since they constitute the bigger percentage of the population.
It is from this that the Ufanisi Afrika Foundation is interested in creating not only jobs, but also in empowering the youths with knowledge and skills to create jobs. This is done on the background of an ever-increasing unemployment rate in most of the third world as a result of the need for skilled labor in the labor market. We therefore hope to engage in sensitizing youths, both in school and out of school on how to make themselves relevant for the labor market as well as empowering them with skills that are necessary for creating their own sources of livelihood, without necessarily depending on the already existing structures of the formal labor market.


To have an empowered and self sustaining society

To initiate sustainable individual and community development activities that will instill skills and values that will help make better independent youths
Products & Services offer:
• Consultancy services and designing programs on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Train personnel of national, international agencies, donor agencies and financial institutions in the programs and ways to implement them so that Millennium Development Goals regarding Education and poverty eradication would be achieved by the year 2015 and 2025 respectively.
• Preparation of pamphlets, charts, calendar, publication of books about poverty eradication, entrepreneurship and the importance of education.
• Vocational training to underprivileged sections of the society especially to equip them with necessary skills to attain livelihood and thereby enabling to stand on their own feet.
• Behavioral change advocacy on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention.
• Conducting sporting activities that promote unity and address challenges facing the especially the youth community.
• Help needy students acquire scholarships to further their education.
• Conducting youth empowerment support programs.

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