Beehive EDC (Beehive Entrepreneurial Development Center)

The Beehive EDC was started in 1992 as a job creation project by a group of churchleaders, businessmen and community workers. In time the focus changed to skills and business training to providing finance to entrepreneurs. The challenges for Beehive are to: - find ways to deliver a range of financial services to people who are presently sidelined by the commercial banks. Therefore Indlu Finance and the Thaba Chweu Savings and Credit Cooperative was founded to provide savings services and housing finance to our target market. - diversify our funding base. - achieve sustainable outreach and become fully self sufficient. - diversify our product range further and with continued market research refine our existing products.

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  • Environmental Goods or Services
  • Social Enterprise
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South Africa
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PO Box 585 Lydenburg1120 South Africa
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Phone: (27-13) 235-1695 Fax: (27-13) 235-4327
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