Permaculture Trust

About eighty (80) families have already benefited from backyard gardens inside their compounds. The beneficiaries are in the following settlements: Chobokwane, New-Xanagas, Grootlaagte, East Hanahai. West Hanahai, Quabo and New-Xabe. Five settlements are also running market gardens as a group or associations. The idea behind the market gardens is to use them as demonstration sites, income generation and for regular supply of vegetables to local communities. Given the Permaculture concept of production all of the vegetables from the gardens are produced organically. Indigenous or traditional chickens are also promoted for the communities since they are also cheaper to manage and disease resistant. PTB Gantsi has just began on appropriate housing programme. The first of this project will benefit only three (3) settlements by building twenty (20) durable traditional houses in each settlement. The project has supplied the beneficiaries with block production machines to produce bricks for their houses. Beneficiaries are expected to use grass for thatching. The Micro Project Programme under the Ministry of Lands and Housing funded the housing project. As part of the housing programme, each house will have a toilet built in the compound. The British High Commission funded the sanitation project. Remote Area Development Programme office in Gantsi gives support to this project through transportation of materials to the settlements.

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