• Founded: 2003
  • Sector: Environmental goods and services, Eco/Community Tourism
  • Location: Kafue River, Adjacent to the Kafue National Park
  • Website: http://www.kaingu-lodge.com/

The KaingU Safari Lodge

The KaingU Safari Lodge is an environmentally friendly lodge situated on the banks of the Kafue River in Zambia. The lodge was built in a way that minimises its environmental impact with the architecture of the entire camp and associated buildings designed to blend in with its surroundings. Maximum use was made of existing trees, rocky outcroppings and topographical features in its layout and construction minimising its impact on the original look and feel of the area. The lodge is maintained and administered with a commitment to the environment. The lodge is run on solar power with plans in place relating to energy consumption, water use, solid waste disposal and sewerage which are adhered to by staff.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development US $10 per guest per night is set aside by KaingU Safari Lodge for local community development and conservation projects. US $3 is set aside from every night on the campsite. This money is funnelled through a registered and accountable community trust and is then used for conservation and local community development activities. To date the community trust has focussed its support in the field of education, funding improvements to local school infrastructure, paying teacher wages and providing basic school supplies and equipment.


The KaingU Community Trust

In order to assist with the development of various CBNRM related projects within the Chiefdom of KaingU and to provide a channel for the funding and administering of such projects and programmes, it was decided by Chief KaingU and the Managing Director of Kaingu Safari Lodge, to set up a formally registered Community Trust.

The Trust's areas of activity are as follows:

  • To carry out and assist with the conservation management and sustainable utilization of natural resources within the Chiefdom of KaingU
  • To develop and promote investment in community based natural resource projects and business opportunities (community based, private and commercial), in the areas of tourism, consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife resource utilization and other natural resource products, within the Chiefdom of KaingU.
  • To assist with community projects in the fields of education, health and any other programmes related to the well being of the community at large, within the Chiefdom of KaingU.

"Tusole"- Small low-tech development & maintenance projects

"Tusole" meaning 'let's try' in the Tonga language is the name of a local business established with the assistance of the KaingU Safari Lodge that undertakes small low tech development and maintenance work. The business was established as part of the KaingU Safari Lodge's mission to involve local communities in projects linked to tourism. The leader of the Tusole team is Mr. Boyd Chilikombo and the business employs local community members in a variety of roles. KaingU Lodge staff perform a mentoring role for the business which also receives assistance from the Itezhi Tezhi CBNRM programme. Tusole has been contracted to undertake a variety of work for the Kaingu Safari Lodge including:

  • The maintenance and quality of the existing roads that are used by Kaingu Safari Lodge and other operators in this area. This involves filling of potholes and slashing of grass on both sides of the road.
  • The cutting of firebreaks around the Lodge
  • They have been awarded a contract to construct a small dam to attract wildlife close to the Lodge
  • They will also be responsible for developing new roads and tracks for use by KSL both in the Game Management Area and the Kafue National Park.

Tusole is the only business of its kind in the Itezhi Tezhi area. It is highly flexible in the jobs it can undertake. In the future Tusole aims to expand its customer base to include other lodges and wider stakeholders in the area that also require this kind of work including:

  • Puku Pan Lodge
  • Namakau Gemstone Mine project
  • Nsonga hunting camp
  • Nkabwa fishing camp
  • The Zambian Wildlife Authority
  • The Zambian Government

The Tourism Iron Smelting Project (TISP)

The KaingU lodge is located within the Namwala Game Management Area (GMA). There is a long history of iron smelting in this area and evidence of this tradition is widely apparent. One example of an iron smelting site exists close to the KaingU lodge. With support from the lodge this site has been developed into a small community tourism project where tourists learn about the traditional iron smelting process. A reconstruction of a traditional smelter site has been built and a local community member has been trained as a host/guide. The proceeds from tourists paying to visit the site and learn about the smelting process go to the KaingU Community Trust and are then spent on local community development activities. The community member employed as a guide/host also sells metal worked products to tourists which he makes. The iron smelting project is also visited by tourists from neighbouring lodges.

Contact Details

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Office Address: KaingU Safari Lodge, Shop 9D, Manda Hill Shopping Centre. Manda Hill, Lusaka, Zambia

Postal Address: KaingU Safari Lodge, PO Box 160, P/Bag E891, Post.Net Manda Hill, Lusaka Zambia

Email: info@kaingu-lodge.com or reservations@kaingu-lodge.com

Website: http://www.kaingu-lodge.com/