As part of the Trickle Out Africa Project we are undertaking in-depth case study research with a number of social and/or environmental enterprises in South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and additionally Mozambique. These case study enterprises are featured on the website.

Case Study Enterprises Classification(s) Country
KaingU Lodge (Ukudiku Trails Ltd) Environmental goods or services Zambia
The Mumwa Crafts Association Social Enterprise Zambia
Tribal Textiles
Social Enterprise Zambia
Alive and Kicking
Social Enterprise Zambia
The Book Bus Social Enterprise Zambia
African Homestay and Safaris
Environmental goods and services; social enterprise Kenya
EcoFinder Kenya
Social Enterprise Kenya
Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps Environmental goods and services Kenya
ToughStuff Solar Environmental goods and services Kenya
Cookswell Enterprises Environmental goods and services Kenya
Streetwise Social Enterprise Kenya
The Flip Flop Recycling Company Social Enterprise and Environmental Enterprise Kenya
The MICAIA family of organisations
Social Enterprise Mozambique
Mezimbite Forest Center Cooperative; Environmental Goods or Services Mozambique
CEDARTE and Greenarte Social Enterprise Mozambique
Proudly Macassar Pottery Social Enterprise South Africa
Shonaquip and Uhambo the Shonaquip Foundation Social Enterprise South Africa
Khayelitsha Cookies Social Enterprise South Africa
Learn to Earn Social Enterprise South Africa
 Taunina Social Enterprise South Africa
The Skills Village Cooperative/ Social Enterprise South Africa

To download more in-depth reports mapping the sustainable development and poverty alleviation impacts of our social and environmental enterprise case studies please click here

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