Additional resources websites and reports

Follow the links below to view or download additional resources, websites and research relating to social and environmental enterprise

Useful Websites

East African Social Enterprise Network (EASEN) http://easenetwork.net/

African Social Entrepreneurs Network (ASEN) http://asenetwork.org/

Ashoka http://www.ashoka.org/

Social Enterprise UK http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk/

Social Enterprise Scotland http://www.socialenterprisescotland.org.uk/

Social Enterprise Academy http://www.theacademy-ssea.org/

PhytoTrade Africa http://www.phytotradeafrica.com/

The SEED Initiative http://www.seedinit.org/

Social Enterprise Mark http://www.socialenterprisemark.org.uk/

Social Enterprise Alliance https://www.se-alliance.org/

Next Billion Development Through Enterprise http://www.nextbillion.net/

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