Welcome to our directory of social and environmental enterprises, and support associations and agencies (Version 1.3)

To align with the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on the 24/05/2018 any data pertaining to individuals was removed from this directory. Any data previously displayed was collected from publically available sources, or provided by the parties involved who consented for it to be included in the directory. 

In the directory, listings are described as either "verified" or "unverified".  If a listing is "verified" then the orgnisation has contacted us to confirm its listing details. If a listing is "unverified" that means the information provided has been found through publically available sources but has not been confirmed by the organisation. This Directory is for informational purposes only and the details provided are subject to change.  

Organisations in the directly either self-designate as social enterprises, NGOs, not-for-profits, cooperatives, or support agencies, or else we make this selection based on assessment of publically available information about them. For unverified listings these assessments are provisional. 

If you represent an organisation listed in the directory and would like to change your listing details or remove your listing from the directory please contact us

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